Welcome to our website! I hope the information you find here will help you, not only when you need assistance, but also help you better understand Virginia's government. You will find links to important government sites on the Links of Interest page.

I want this site to be a tool for communication between us. It is a place for you to share your concerns with me and a place to share your ideas and thoughts that you would like me to take to Richmond on your behalf.

Below are the most common concerns posed to me. Please check the issues that concern you. Feel free to comment in the box below. If an issue of concern is not listed, please mark other and share with me in the comment box. As your representative in the Senate of Virginia, it is important to me to know how the issues affect you so that I may represent you well.

Your views are important to me, but they must mesh with my view of the role of government in the lives of those of us in Southern Virginia. Please visit the Legislation page. There you will also find links to bills I have sponsored in past sessions.

Thank you for visiting our website. It is my honor and privilege to represent you; one I take very seriously. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Virginia, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest regards,

Your Top Issues

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Job Creation
Business Regulation
Public School/College
Environmental/Uranium Mining
Renewable Energy
Road & Trans. / Gas Tax
Gun Rights
Right to Life

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